5 Tips for Entertaining Your Preschooler During School Breaks


As a child, one of the most exciting times of year was anytime that you were not in school. While young children tend to look forward to attending class to play with their friends and engage in the songs and activities, they also enjoy a break from their daily routine.

Whether or not you are a working parent, if your child has a school break coming up, you’re probably trying to figure out how to entertain them in ways that are also educational. Continue reading to learn our five tips for doing just that and call Growing Room in Ft. Myers to book a tour of our preschool.

Tip # 1 Schedule Play Dates

Playdates are a wonderful invention that can benefit both children and parents in a number of ways. For example, if the other child’s parent is one of your good friends, then you can enjoy time catching up while your children play together. If the other parent is not someone you are close friends with, then you probably experience a give-and-take relationship when it comes to playdates. In other words, they host the children on one occasion and you reciprocate the favor on another. This give-and-take allows each of you to have time by yourself to get things down without having to worry about your children.

Tip # 2 Build a Blanket Fort

Young children have vibrant imaginations that can create any number of realities, characters, and storylines. You can create a unique space for them to play by setting up a few chairs in the living room and draping blankets across the top. Help them gather some stuffed animals and other toys to take into their fort. You might find yourself amazed at how long they spend inside the fort as they let their imagination run wild!

Tip # 3 Give Them a Cardboard Box

If you’ve ever seen a child receive a gift that was inside a cardboard box, then you probably also witnessed how they put the toy aside and proceeded to play with the box! While they most likely appreciated the gift and will play with it, there are so many more opportunities for them to imagine things when they play with a cardboard box. While a large box might be annoying to have in your home due to the amount of space it takes up, just remember that it’s temporary and helps to stimulate your child’s imagination.


Tip # 4 Allow Them To Be Bored

Probably every child has declared that they are bored at one point or another. While it might be hard not to rush to the rescue when you hear your own make this statement, it is important to allow them to feel this way. Boredom is actually the key to creativity, because your child will look for ways to entertain themselves. If you try to plan an activity for every moment of every day, then you are actually robbing them of the opportunity to strengthen their imagination.

Unless you are desperate for a few moments to get some things done, do your best to restrict technology as the solution to their boredom. Restricting technology allows them to feel a sense of independence when they realize that they can discover a way to have fun on their own.

Tip # 5 Visit Your Local Library

Libraries used to be an environment that wasn’t particularly welcoming to young children unless it was a designated storytime. Today, however, there are so many different activities available to children in their local library, including their own section! Whether you plan to visit during a scheduled event or not, make sure to allow time for them to play with some of the toys that may be set out, observe the fishtank, and browse the wide selection of books for all ages of children.

Even if your child isn’t reading yet, there are a number of books that help them to work on identifying shapes, colors, and other familiar objects. Check out an easy-to-read book so that they can follow along with you as you read to them.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to have a good time with your children during a school break. In fact, some of the best experiences are the ones where you simply get to spend time together. We hope that the tips we shared with today are helpful as you plan how to entertain them during their break from school. If you are looking for a preschool that can stimulate your child’s thinking and imagination, then call Growing Room in Ft. Myers to book a tour of our preschool and see what we can offer your child.

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