SCHOOL AGE/BEFORE & AFTER | Serving Bonita Springs & FT Myers, FL

Get Stress-Free: Here’s Your Safe, Fun, And Supportive Place To Care For Your Child While You Finish Up Work For The Day

SCHOOL AGE/BEFORE & AFTER | Serving Bonita Springs & FT Myers, FL

Get Stress-Free: Here’s Your Safe, Fun, And Supportive Place To Care For Your Child While You Finish Up Work For The Day

An Imaginative Environment
Designed With Children in Mind

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back to your own childhood? Step into our facilities and enter a world filled with color, print, pattern, texture and imagination. Designed specifically for kids, the Growing Room comes across as its own small town complete with shops and streets that will ignite students’ imagination and act as a perfect environment for them to thrive in.

Safe, Secure Facilities
At All Times

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that students are completely safe under our care. All entry points to the Growing Room require keycard access and our grounds are fenced in, which means that nobody is running after runaway balls onto the street! We also use CCTV cameras internally to help us keep an eye on what your young learners are up to.

Live-Streaming Video Service
So You Can Check In

Curious how your daughter or son is getting along with their friends, whether they’ve finished their homework or how their day is going? Our convenient livestream video service allows you to check in on their progress from the comfort of work or home with a couple of simple clicks. This is especially useful for parents who aren’t used to being away from their kids all day and are hoping to find a way to ease through the transition.

Tailored Activities To
Complement Your Kids’
Academic Curriculum

Before or after a busy day of learning about math, science, literacy and beyond, we offer recreational activities that will complement what your children have learned at school. From cooking projects to science experiments, arts and crafts, number games, singing and dancing, our program enables young learners to have fun while also furthering their academic skill sets.

Lots of Fun, Games
and Outdoor Play

Once school’s out, it’s time for students to burn off all that pent up energy and head to our three separate age-appropriate playgrounds to run, jump and climb to their heart’s content! Whether your child would prefer to get involved in group sports like soccer, practice karate or flex their monopoly skills in our game area, we offer indoor and outdoor recreational activities to suit nearly every taste.

Our Computer Lab Helps
Advance Students’
Technology Skills

With lots of homework now being done via laptop or tablet, students will be able to make use of our computer lab to practice their technology skills or catch up on their schoolwork. Our staff is on-site to make sure that children are making the best use of this time, and we coach your child to learn new computer skills, helping to increase productivity.

Tasty Meals and Snacks Fuel Your Child All Day Long

Regardless of if your kids are visiting us before school or once the day is done, they can be sure that they’ll have a healthy, nutritious snack or meal to look forward to. As a nut-free facility, we serve breakfast in the morning and offer snacks after classes have ended for the day.

Character Education To
Shape Emerging Personas

Children develop their habits based on their observation of the world around them. Our before and after school team’s caretakers act as model citizens who promote character education by sharing concepts such as sharing, playing cooperatively, taking turns and expressing ideas. We’ll be by students’ sides to help shape their emerging personas and ensure that they are navigating their daily lives with integrity, respect and responsibility.

Drop-In Care on
School Holidays and Breaks

We recognize that parents often require childcare assistance outside of traditional school periods. For this reason, we offer drop-in care on school holidays and breaks including Christmas and Spring Break. There’s no need to book in advance – simply show up with your kids and we’ll take care of the rest!

parent reviews

Bonita Springs is so fortunate to have their Growing Room led by Gina and her staff!
Sheree M.
I love this place! So family oriented, wonderful teachers and staff.
Jasmine M.
I value the education and dedication these teachers have in Early Childhood Education. Almost anyone can babysit a child, but only a teacher with an education can nurture a child to develop to their highest potential.
Leilani Darling B.