About Us

About Us

Our commitment to you: your child will blossom

Safe, Nurturing and
Engaging Space

Growing Room strives to provide our tiny students just that: a safe, nurturing, and engaging space that gives young bodies and minds the room and environment they need to grow into capable, confident, and kindergarten-ready kids.

Professional team members

By partnering with the parents who entrust us with their infants and children, our professional team members can share teachable moments, reach crucial milestones like first steps, potty training, recognizing letters and their sounds, writing their name, and more.

Fun and early learning

Parents are the secret sauce we rely on to customize our care. That’s why we offer both speech and behavioral therapies on site. That way, children can get the early intervention they need to get back on track with the fun and early learning that is the magic of early childhood and save parents the extra trip because meeting you where you make all the difference.
Since parents are their child’s first teacher, and their engagement influences morale and trust in our little students, we invite them to share their profession with the class. Come and read stories during circle time, share a talent you have, or have a chat and connect with other parents with complimentary continental breakfast & coffee offered daily at the Center.
Outside of academia, arts, and play, we also give back to local nonprofits that share similar values and missions as we. As volunteers, we model gratitude, relationships, and empathy.
We’re proud to be a March of Dimes sponsor & supporter, and we participate in Canned food drives, Support Growing our Daughters for Success program, have an annual Christmas Angel Tree, and more.

Helping children succeed is what we’re known for.

That’s why we’re proud recipients of the National APPLE Accreditation and the Florida State Credential — the Gold Seal of Quality Care, placing us in a league above others.

A bright future awaits your child

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