We invest in our team


We invest in our team

Advance your professional path, while making friends along the way

We Value the Opinions
of Team Members

As frontline caregivers and early educators at our Center, we provide ample opportunities for you to share your feedback and strike up action plans to make this the most coveted space for parents to send their child, and for you to feel valued.

Camaraderie makes
for a Low-Stress Workplace

We all have a “drama in the workplace” story or two. But at Growing Room, we make connections that often last a lifetime. Our carefully selected team members don’t just undergo background checks and drug tests; we screen for demeanor to ensure we all enjoy our workplace.

Your Workplace is Clean,
Updated and Fully Stocked

Our child care centers are complete with state-of-the-art equipment and decorated in fresh, vivid colors to stimulate and welcome students and visitors alike. More than just clean, our classrooms are stocked with all the supplies you’ll need to get creative with your curriculum.

Competitive Salaries
and Healthcare Coverage

Our mission is only as strong as the people behind it, that’s why our salaries are competitive with room to grow. Healthcare coverage plans are also built into our salary structure so you can have the health care access you need to stay healthy.

Upward Mobility Means
More Opportunity

We invest in our team members by offering on-site continuing education and customer service and satisfaction training, along with opportunities for promotion. Just ask our Center Directors who got their start in our classrooms.

Paid Holidays and Flexible
Schedules Keep you at Ease

Enjoy part-time or full-time schedules so you can keep the life-work balance you need. Major holidays like Thanksgiving and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day are paid time off so you can come back refreshed and ready to go.

Discounted Childcare
and Social Events

Just some of the perks of working at our Center, take advantage of affordable, high-quality childcare care so you can rest assured your child is getting their chance to thrive. Social events give us a break from the grind so we can connect and relax.

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