TODDLERS: 1-2 years | Serving Bonita Springs & FT Myers, FL

Self-Awareness and Rapid Growth In Cognition and Motor Skills Makes This Transition Year A Huge Milestone

TODDLERS: 1-2 years | Serving Bonita Springs & FT Myers, FL

Self-Awareness and Rapid Growth In Cognition and Motor Skills Makes This Transition Year A Huge Milestone

A Toddler-Centric Environment
Filled With Love and Guidance

Our small instructor to toddler ratios means that your little one will receive as much love, attention and guidance as they require in order to thrive. Coming to the Growing Room will be a joy for them each day with our tailor-made, colorful facilities that are designed to resemble a small town with shops and streets. Each space is enhanced with a new pattern, artwork or texture that is functional and age-appropriate to cater to your toddler’s curiosity.

Safe, Cozy Facilities Make Your Little One Feel At Home

Keeping your toddler safe and comfortable is our utmost priority. It can already be stressful for them to be away from their parents throughout the day, so a dedicated staff member is always nearby to let them know that they’re not alone. All entry points in our facility require keycard access for added security, while we use CCTV cameras internally to keep a watchful eye on the little ones under our care.

Early Development of
Social and Personal Skills

Character is built through your child’s observations of those around them. We help set the foundation of positive personality traits by encouraging concepts such as taking turns, playing cooperatively, listening, expressing ideas and caring for others. The more your child is exposed to these character attributes, the more they are likely to be engrained within their socio-emotional development.

Daily Communication and
Livestream Video Monitoring

Our easy-to-use mobile app, Procare©, allows our caretakers to keep you up to date on your toddler’s progress, milestones and areas for improvement on a regular basis. Parents can also tune in to see what their little ones are up to throughout the day via our livestream video monitoring service. Being able to check in at your convenience puts your mind at ease and allows you to watch your toddler’s learning journey in real time.

Plenty of Parental
Support and Guidance

Our open door policy means that you don’t have to navigate parental hurdles on your own. We are always available to consult with you on your toddler’s development and can provide you with additional resources you may need such as speech and behavioral therapists. Stop by and chat with our qualified team of caretakers whenever you’d like and pick up a complimentary beverage from our front lobby coffee bar on your way in!

Daily Enrichment Activities To
Stimulate The Five Senses

Each day is a new opportunity for your little one to stimulate their senses. From music lessons to dancing, block building, arts and crafts, dramatic play, puppets and more, our enrichment activities will help your toddler refine their fine and gross motor skills while providing the novelty of fun new experiences.

A Creative Curriculum That
Emphasizes Pre-Reading Skills

Through the use of books and pictures, conversation and sign language, our creative curriculum helps develop the skills needed for pre-reading. We also use a new theme each week to help toddlers learn about various colors, numbers, concepts and words via pictures, age-appropriate games, songs and multicultural activities. This makes learning fun, easy and enjoyable!

Age-Appropriate, Injury-Proof
Playgrounds To Encourage
Physical Development

Our three outdoor play areas are divided by age and coated with astroturf to act as safe surfaces. Your toddler will learn how to walk, run, climb, balance and hop under our careful supervision while developing their gross motor skills and most importantly, having fun! We also provide riding toys with and without pedals, as well as push-pull toys and slides.

An Introduction to Healthy
Ingredients and Balanced Meals

Positive eating habits start at a young age! We will familiarize your little ones with tasty, nutritious ingredients early on in order to encourage them to favour a healthy, balanced diet throughout their formative years. All of our meals and snacks favour fresh produce and are entirely nut-free.

parent reviews

"I know my son is in good hands"
Hi everyone, my name is Stacy and I can’t stress enough how thankful I am to have found a place like the Growing Room. My son Liam who is 2 has been attending the Growing Room in Bonita Springs since November. We moved from NY in October and it was really hard finding a daycare we actually liked and trust. I can honestly say I go to work every morning and I know my son is in good hands.
Stacy E.
"They do a great job of making learning fun for their kids"
As both a teacher and parent, I was so pleased with our son's experience at the Growing Room. He was enrolled in the daycare program at two years old and continued on through VPK. He learned the skills he needed to be prepared for kindergarten both academically and socially and really enjoyed his time there. They do a great job of making learning fun for their kids. I have recommended the Growing Room to numerous parents and all have had a great experience as well. Thank you to the Growing Room staff and teachers for making his first school experience such a positive one!
Allison W.
"being a part of the Growing Room family is a tremendous advantage"
Both of my children attended the Bonita Springs location from 2014-2017 and let me just say during their time attending this daycare it has been an absolute pleasure, being a part of the Growing Room family is a tremendous advantage. Hands down for me personally it’s the best daycare I’ve had my kids in and worked with. Amazing staff, great curriculum, fun events, great food, and well put together schedules. Couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for being one of the best daycares that myself and my children have personally experienced all around.
Jen P.