Helping Children Succeed is What We Do

Kindergarten Readiness 100% Guaranteed​!

Helping Children Succeed is What We Do

Kindergarten Readiness 100% Guaranteed​!

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We are currently open and providing care for ALL families!

welcome to a world of wonder...

Extraordinarily Fun Learning Environments

Extraordinarily Fun
Learning Environments

At The Growing Room, delightfully fun environments welcome your child each day, kicking off a brand new adventure.  From miniature “towns” to explore, to colorful rooms and artwork, every corner of this environment is kid-focused, kid-friendly, and safe.  Children’s artwork and academic achievements adorning bright bulletin boards in every room.

Kindergarten Readiness is
100% Guaranteed

Local schools love having The Growing Room graduates since they are so well-prepared for the many new challenges of Kindergarten. Our program is academically rigorous and gives your child not only a substantial head start on school, but an understanding of good school habits and routines. Circle time, classroom chores, language acquisition, and of course, all-important reading skills. Children enter Kindergarten confidently when they are already able to read.
Kindergarten Readiness Is 100% Guaranteed

Calm Contentment Comes
From Being Safe & Secure

Your child’s safety is always of the utmost importance. The Growing Room environment is designed with safety in mind, and only the kindest and most dedicated professionals are charged with your child’s care. Our skilled teaching team, in a fun yet peaceful setting, ensures your child’s safety at all times. An unshakeable sense of security is crucial for their overall development, well-being, and future happiness.

watch your child grow
with live-streaming video

Nothing brings greater peace of mind to a parent than knowing you can check in on your child at any time and anywhere. Watch them play with their friends, read, laugh, and grow more each day. With live-stream video on the smartphone app, you can carry your child with you throughout your day.

Enrichment activities such as Spanish, Art, Dance, Yoga, Soccer, and Karate

Music with scarves and instruments, a dance studio in which to whirl and be free, the joy of regular yoga practice are all activities at no extra cost to you. More enrichments include a computer lab, specialized art classes, and Spanish language practice every day.  Through the diversity of enrichment experiences, a child can:

  • explore their interests
  • develop their talents
  • learn many astonishing skills  

Children practice of being present, to count and keep rhythm, the refinement of movement, as they learn how to share in these exceptional experiences with others.

Extracurricular options such as Soccer and Karate are also available for a nominal fee. 

Our commitment to you: your child will blossom

daily outdoor play on Soft, Safe, Astroturf Playgrounds

Our three separate playgrounds, designed for one-year-olds, two-year-olds, and three to four-year-olds, provide a fun and safe space for each class to have their downtime outside.  Children come out to play on astroturf that is squishy and soft, with play structures that are suitably low to the ground.  Our playgrounds are equipped with cameras so that parents who subscribe can see their little ones playing around and having fun outside.

Daily Outdoor Play On Soft, Safe, Astroturf Playgrounds

practicing Computer
Skills twice a week

Nowadays, computer skills are essential life skills.  Even our state’s Kindergarten readiness test is done on a computer, with a mouse, to the detriment of children who haven’t had much practice with computers in preschool.  Teachers can track progress and use this data to help steer what they do in the classroom. Our program advances your little learner with harder questions when they do well, and quickly identifies areas for improvement.

Breakfast, Lunch, and afternoon Snack included

To support your family’s health, we place a strong emphasis on nutritious meals and snacks.  Breakfast, lunch, and after schools snacks are included in tuition. We are a nut-free and peanut-free environment, and provide food that is free from harmful preservatives, high sugar content, and toxic dyes.

Real-world skills Brought
to Life with Imagination

Book your ticket and grab your passport!  Every child travels from classroom to classroom to get stamped at each “country” in this school-wide educational event.  Children learn about travel, culture, and that they are citizens of the world.  Parents are encouraged to attend community events that often require a lot of participation from their little one,  who is so proud to show off all their hard work.  Themes vary and encapsulate real-life knowledge to broaden children’s horizons. 

Supporting parents and Families in Every way

It helps to navigate parenting hurdles together.  We offer on-site speech therapy, behavioral therapy, and maintain an open-door policy for parents.  We regularly host visits from parents and grandparents too.  Our front lobby is your morning haven, complete with continental breakfast and coffee bar, making drop-off as easy as can be for you.  Stay a few minutes, refuel, and watch your child transition by live-stream video before you go about your day.

Experts In Child Care With 350
Years Combined Experience

With a combined whopping three centuries of experience across the board, you know your child is in good hands. Parents love that they can ask us for help and guidance whenever they need it.

noteworthy Accreditations Mean You are in good hands

We are very proud to have been awarded our National APPLE Accreditation, as well as our Florida State Credential: the Gold Seal of Quality Care.  Welcome to one of Florida’s top preschools, and one of the elite few to receive this level of recognition, trust, and respect.

We Love Our Communities
And The Feeling Is Mutual

We are so proud to be your top choice for childcare,  nominated and voted the best by not one but two amazing communities.

Thank you, families of Gulfshore and Bonita Springs for voting for us for the Readers Choice Award.

All we can say is: we love you too!

We've Completed Secure Education Training To Keep Your Child Safe And Secure Using Best Practices!

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parent reviews

"From the second I walked through the doors I knew that the Growing Room was for us"
My husband and I were terrified when it came to deciding where to enroll our son in daycare. He is an infant so we wanted to make sure that not only was he safe but that he would not be lying in a crib all day. Since he is adopted and went through a lot in his first month of life being in NICU we really felt that early development was key to his success and happiness. From the second I walked through the doors I knew that the Growing Room was for us. The security, the AMAZING staff and teachers. This place truly exceeded all our expectations.
Jennifer S.
"love, family, cleanliness, and learning"
I am a mother of 2 boys (8 month old and 2.5 year old). I searched long and hard to find a daycare that took in my kids with nothing short of love, family, cleanliness, and learning. I went to all daycares in the area and had anxiety with each one until I walked in The Growing Room. It is an amazing place from the moment you walk in having a fun atmosphere and clean smell with friendly smiles.
Alika W.
"I knew my son was in good hands all day"
I can’t say enough good things about this daycare. My son was in the infant room, and Miss Carissa, Miss Natonia, and Miss Sylvia (and Miss Sharon!) took care of him like their own - I knew he was in good hands all day. My daughter started in the infant room, and was 2.5 when we left, and she still talks about Miss Erika and Miss Melissa...I am having a hard time finding the perfect daycare where I’m at now, because we were so spoiled with Growing Room. From first foods to diaper races to potty training, they were amazing! The date night once a month was also wonderful, especially since we didn’t have family around, and they make it a fun night for the kids, too. Highly recommend them!!
Trisha R.

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