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Extraordinarily Fun & Engaging Learning Environments

At The Growing Room, delightfully fun environments welcome your child daily, kicking off a new adventure. From miniature “towns” to explore to colorful rooms and artwork, every corner of this environment is kid-focused, kid-friendly, and safe. It also has artwork and academic achievements adorning bright bulletin boards in every room.

Your Little One's Kindergarten Readiness Is 100% Guaranteed

Local schools love having The Growing Room graduates! An immersive and hands-on program brings your child through circle time, reading, new language, chores, and movement, helping them develop the school habits, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in kindergarten.

Calm Contentment Comes From Being Safe & Secure

Your child’s safety is always a top priority. With restricted access controls, security cameras, and fenced-in yards, you feel confident and enjoy knowing your child is always protected and comfortable as they grow.

Watch Your Child Grow With Live-Streaming Video

Nothing brings greater peace of mind to a parent than knowing you can check in on your child anytime and anywhere.  Watch them play with friends, read, laugh, and grow more daily. With live-stream video on the smartphone app, you can carry your child with you throughout your day.

Spanish, Art, Dance, Yoga, Soccer & Karate Enrichments Are Included

Music with scarves and instruments, a dance studio in which to whirl and be free, and the joy of regular yoga practice are all activities included in your tuition. More enrichments include a computer lab, specialized art classes, and daily Spanish language practice.  Through the diversity of enrichment experiences, a child can:

Our Commitment To You: Your Child Will Blossom

Daily Outdoor Play On Soft, Safe, Astroturf Playgrounds

Our three separate playgrounds, designed for your little one’s age group, provide a fun and inviting space for each class to enjoy daily outdoor play.  Play spaces with soft astroturf and play structures that are suitably low to the ground allow for safe outdoor adventures, too!

Practicing Computer Skills Twice A Week

Computer skills are essential life skills. Our program advances your little learner by aligning with their strengths and quickly identifies areas for improvement. Kindergarten readiness tests also happen on in-class computers where teachers use data to help meet your little one where they’re at in the classroom.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Afternoon Snack Are Included

To support your family’s health, we strongly emphasize nutritious meals and snacks.  Breakfast, lunch, and after-school snacks are included in tuition. A nut-free and peanut-free environment provides food free from harmful preservatives, high sugar content, and toxic dyes.

Real-World Skills Brought To Life With Imagination

Book your ticket and grab your passport! Every child travels around the school in this school-wide educational event, getting stamped at each “country.” Children learn about travel, culture, and that they are citizens of the world. Parents also attend community events with their child proudly showcasing all their hard work.

Supporting Parents And Families In Every Way

To navigate parenting hurdles together, enjoy onsite speech therapy and behavioral therapy. Our front lobby is your morning haven with an open-door policy as well. Stay a few minutes and watch your child transition by live-stream video before you go about your day.

Experts In Child Care With 350 Years Combined Experience

With a combined whopping three centuries of experience across the board, you know your child is in good hands. Parents love that they can ask us for help and guidance whenever they need it.

Nationally Recognized For Quality Care & Education

One of the few elite preschools to proudly receive National Apple Accreditation and the Florida State Credential: the Gold Seal of Quality means your child is always left with warm hearts and loving hands.

We Love Our Communities And The Feeling Is Mutual

We are so proud to be your top choice for childcare, nominated and voted the best by not one but two amazing communities.

Thank you, families of Gulfshore and Bonita Springs for voting for us for the Readers Choice Award.

All we can say is: we love you too!

We've Completed Secure Education Training To Keep Your Child Safe And Secure Using Best Practices!

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