Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Academic success

We set your child up with the best footing possible, so they can leap into kindergarten and pave the way for the years of academic success that await.

Child-centric colors
& Room Designs

Our room designs are child-centric, colorful, and uplifting, so your child can feel welcome, inspired, and stimulated.

Safety is Our priority

The Center is a haven, and with limited access and rigorous screening of staff, families can count on safety as a priority.

Communication App and
live stream video for Parents

Communication is accessible thanks to an app we share with families that allows for two-way messaging. At the same time, live stream video is available all day, inside the Center, and in the playgrounds so that you can check on your child anytime, from anywhere.

art, dance, and yoga

Count on extra enrichments like art, dance, and yoga so that children can learn about mind-body connections and self-regulation–critical components in early learning.

expanding vocabulary
and phonetics

Daily Spanish instruction exposes young minds to bilingualism and opens opportunities for expanding vocabulary and phonetics.


Cleanliness is a top priority because when kids and team members are sick, it puts our mission to help kids succeed on hold.

nut-free Foods

Breakfast, lunch, and after school snacks are included in a nut-free environment, where foods are free of harmful preservatives, high sugar content, and dyes.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities like soccer and Karate offered on-site for a nominal fee so your child can learn discipline and teamwork.

Daily Outdoor Play

Children can safely run, jump, and swing on soft, astroturf playgrounds while they enjoy daily outdoor play.