Avoid Being an Overprotective Parent


The day you became a parent for the first time was likely equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. On the one hand you were excited to meet your new little one, but on the other hand you were probably a bit overwhelmed at the responsibility of taking complete responsibility for the life of another person.

As your child grows older, it is important to consciously take steps to be less protective. Of course, the choices you make should be appropriate for the age of your child. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that you can take to avoid being an overprotective parent. If you’re interested in finding a preschool that values teaching children how to be independent and confident, then contact Growing Room in Ft. Myers to schedule a free tour!

Know the Difference Between Risk and Risky

As a parent, you want to do the best that you can to keep your child safe — and you should. The problem comes when you do not clearly identify activities that are risky versus activities that involve risk. To make this a bit more clear, picture your child riding a bike. Every single time that your son or daughter rides their bike, there is a risk that they will be hurt. If they were to ride a bike at night with no helmet or reflective clothing, then they would be engaging in risky behavior.

There is a significant difference between these two things, and it is crucial that you allow your child to learn how to gauge the risk involved with an activity to determine whether or not they should participate in it. Children of overprotective parents lose the ability to appropriately gauge the risk of most things and lose confidence and independence as a result.

Take a Deep Breath

In most circumstances, you will probably find that you are more nervous than your child is. One great example is when your child is learning to walk. It is inevitable that children will fall down as they learn to walk and run, and yet parents are usually the ones who get upset when it happens.

The next time you’re at the park or anywhere else where little kids are present, take some time to observe what happens when they fall or have another type of accident. You will likely hear a sharp intake of breath from their parent, which will probably cause the child to begin crying. Your child looks to you most of the time to see how they should react. If you are able to remain calm, then they are more likely to remain calm as well.

Teach Your Child Life Skills

Teaching your child life skills is something that you will do over the course of time that they live at home with you. The reason is that there are different skills that they need to learn at different points in their growth. Preschool children don’t need to know how to drive a car or balance a checkbook. Likewise, older children should most likely learn how to ride a bike while they are still young.

Parents want to be successful at raising their children, and one way to determine your level of success is to observe whether your child can do things for themself. If you are still putting on their socks and shoes for them at the age of five, then you might want to consider focusing on teaching them these skills. Parenting is a difficult job, but when you see your adult child living on their own and taking care of themself, you can feel proud knowing that you did a great job!

Let Them Create Their Own Fun

There is nothing wrong with planning fun activities for your child or taking them to fun events. The problem is in planning everything for them and not allowing them to have the opportunity to find fun on their own. Children are naturally curious and imaginative, and they can flex those muscles when they are given chances to entertain themselves. Let your child go into the backyard or the playroom and find ways to play and create fun that uses nothing but their own imagination.

At Growing Room, we know that parenting is probably the most difficult task that you will ever face, which is why we want to provide you with the tips, encouragement, and support you need to do your best. Call today to schedule a free tour of our preschool and watch your child grow in independence and confidence!

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