Top 5 Tips for Entertaining Children During Spring Break

It is the time of year when children and teachers alike are becoming restless. Spring fever is beginning to set in, which means that spring break must be just around the corner. If you are a working parent, then you probably know just how challenging it can be to find activities to occupy your child during a break from school.

In today’s post, we’ll look at the top five tips for entertaining your children and engaging their love of learning during their spring break. If you are looking for quality childcare in Bonita Springs, then be sure to contact Growing Room today and schedule a free tour of our facilities.

Tip #1 Jump around on indoor trampolines

Kids are known for having almost boundless energy, which is why parents sometimes struggle with finding ways for them to spend it all. One of the greatest solutions to this problem is to take them to an indoor trampoline park. While they jump, bounce, and run around, you can relax in one of the many chairs or couches that are provided for parents. Your child should be easily visible from almost any vantage point, which allows you to keep an eye on them as they have fun jumping from one place to the next.

Tip # 2 Splash around an indoor water park

While we live in the beautiful state of Florida, you know that it is not always comfortably warm enough to jump into the ocean. If the weather is a little too chilly during your child’s spring break, then find an indoor water park to enjoy. From slides and wave pools to a variety of water toys, they are sure to enjoy themselves as much as they would if you were playing outside. In fact, they’ll probably have even more fun since they aren’t shivering in the cool outdoor air. One of the best parts of indoor parks is that you can keep an eye on them anywhere they go since everything is in one contained space.

Tip # 3 Take a tour of your “backyard”

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what an amazing place we live in here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. If you realize that you have taken for granted the fact that you can see manatees and dolphins whenever you want, then we encourage you to book a tour to see some of the amazing wildlife that South Florida has to offer. From horseshoe crabs to spoonbills and alligators to manatees, there is an exciting world of wildlife to teach your child about. Whether you prefer to do tours in kayaks, boats, or on paddle boards, find the right tour company for your family and book your trip!

Tip # 4 Visit the Everglades Wondergardens

The Everglades Wondergardens is an incredible place to take your child to explore, have fun, and learn about native wildlife all at the same time. Home to an 80-year-old botanical garden, the Wondergardens features orchids, bamboo, bromeliads, and native trees that create a lush canopy. The collection of rescued reptiles and other wildlife are sure to be an exciting highlight of your trip. Be sure to check scheduled events to take advantage of planned wildlife encounters!

Tip # 5 Plant your spring garden

Whether you prefer to plant colorful flowers, an edible garden, or a combination of the two, make sure to let your child help you prepare the garden. Most children enjoy playing in the dirt, so why not give your child the opportunity to learn something while they do it? You can talk with them about the different steps of preparing the garden as well as the individual plants that you will be planting. If you are planting an edible garden, your child will be excited to help tend it, and enjoy eating it!

At Growing Room in Bonita Springs, we want to partner with you to help your child learn about the world around them. We love helping children develop a deep and lasting love of learning, which is why we provide a variety of enriching activities at our childcare centers. If you are ready to see just why our center is unique, then call to schedule your free tour today. We look forward to meeting you.

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