The Importance of Naps


Naptime is a sacred time of peace and quiet for many parents. If you have been struggling to get your little one to take regular naps and are on the brink of giving up, then continue reading to learn why naps are important and how to help your child get into a naptime routine.

At Growing Room in Ft. Myers, we understand that sleep is a crucial element to the overall growth and development of your child. Our preschool education facility is proud to partner with parents to offer their children the educational opportunities they need, including regularly scheduled naps. Contact us today to schedule a free tour of our child development facility in Ft. Myers.

1. Naps Foster Growth and Development

You probably are aware that playtime is important for young children, as this is when they learn a number of motor, social, and developmental skills. Naps are also important in fostering growth with their cognitive capacity, the ability to control their emotions, and proper weight management. There is research that shows that naps can help boost memory skills for preschool-aged children. Memory skills are important when it comes to your child’s ability to learn sight words, shape names, colors, and more.

2. Naps Help Children Stay Fit

You might be wondering why we would mention the need for children to stay fit when they seem to run around and play almost all day long. When children don’t get enough sleep, they tend to be less active and lack the energy to play and get exercise as they normally would. Children who don’t get enough sleep, or irregular sleep, tend to have higher rates of obesity. Additionally, lack of sleep seems to be connected with overindulgence in food, especially unhealthy food.

3. Naps Promote Better Moods

Just like adults, children get cranky when they are tired and running low on energy. Not only will your preschooler express irritability, but they may also exhibit increased anxiousness and have even worse reactions to frustrating situations. Naps can help mediate tantrums, anxiety, and irritability by providing your child with the extra boost of energy they need to get through the afternoon.

Tips for Better Naps

1. Routine Is Vital

Children thrive on routine, which is why it’s important to create a regular wind-down ritual. You could start with a story or a calming song in their room. Make sure to keep the lights dim and the curtains closed to help their body recognize that it’s time to rest. By laying them down for a nap at the same time each day, you will help them get into a sleep routine that will be easier for them to keep.

2. Timing Is Everything

One of the best ways to have a successful nap time is to schedule it when you see your child showing signs of drowsiness, including yawning, rubbing eyes, and staring into the distance. By paying attention to your little one’s signals, you’ll be able to lay them down for a nap at the ideal time. Make sure that their room is cool, dark, and free from distractions such as a television or other electronic device.

3. Keep Naps Short

It’s important that you keep your child’s naps short so that they do not interfere with your little one’s nighttime rest. If you observe that your child has a hard time falling asleep at night, then it is possible that either you need to shorten their nap time or move it to earlier in the day. Many children will begin to grow out of naps between the ages of four and five, so it’s important not to continue to make your child nap if their body no longer needs it.

At Growing Room in Ft. Myers, we know that naps are just as important to a child’s development as their education, which is why we offer a schedule that includes both elements. Our preschool teachers and staff are highly qualified and will provide the caring environment that will foster creativity and growth for your little one. If you are interested in learning more about our child development center, then please contact us to schedule a free tour of our preschool education facility. We look forward to partnering with you!

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