2, 3, 4’s: 2-4 years | Serving Bonita Springs & FT Myers, FL

Our Preschool 2, 3, and 4s Develop All The Critical Life Skills And Begin Creating Positive Life-Long Success Habits

2, 3, 4’s: 2-4 years | Serving Bonita Springs & FT Myers, FL

Our Preschool 2, 3, and 4s Develop All The Critical Life Skills And Begin Creating Positive Life-Long Success Habits

Blending Two Curriculums Develops Pre-Reading
and Academic Skills

Our STEAM Curriculum and Creative Curriculum blend places a focus on exposing your little one to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics in exciting and creative ways. We introduce a new letter, number, word, color, theme, concept and skill each week while teaching toddlers the very beginning of pre-reading and writing abilities. You can expect activities such as playing with word walls, circle time, experimenting with magnets, discovering sizes and more.

Investment Into Your Toddler’s
Socio-Emotional Development

Practical life skills and self-care are just as important on your toddler’s developmental journey as pre-academic skills. We place an emphasis on teaching character education concepts such as integrity, respect, responsibility, caring, and fairness by showing your child how to play cooperatively, take turns, listen and express their ideas.

Colorful Environments That Encourage Growth

Enter into the Growing Room’s very own child-friendly town! With the interior of our care centre designed to resemble a small village with shops and street concepts meant to enhance your little one’s education, our colourful, whimsical environment inspires curiosity, learning and engagement. Each room and area is age-appropriate and meant to inspire specific educational functions.

An Emphasis on Child
Safety and Security

We prioritize your toddler’s safety above all. The Growing Room’s facilities are designed with security in mind, with all surfaces and nooks and crannies being child-proofed in order to prevent injury and promote your peace of mind. Your little ones can learn, socialize and play to their heart’s content while knowing that they’re in a safe space and surrounded by a responsible, elite teaching team.

Enrichment Activities Designed
To Foster Creative Expression

We offer limitless avenues for your child to express themselves creatively. From a dramatic play center to an arts and crafts area, yoga class, Spanish lessons, block center, music and movement activities, puppets, flannel board stories and beyond, our program is chock-full of enrichment activities that will help your toddler understand rhythm, refine their movement, create limitlessly and let their imagination roam free.

Computer Lab Time to
Enhance Digital Skills

Did you know that our state’s kindergarten readiness test is done on a computer with a mouse? In order to prepare your toddler as much as possible for their entry into a more formalized learning environment, we offer a computer lab twice a week to help hone digital skills and allow your children to become comfortable with using technology.

Outdoor, Age-Appropriate
Playgrounds To Promote
Physical Activity

Not all playgrounds are created equal! The Growing Room recognizes that different age groups have various sets of requirements, which is why we offer three separate playgrounds – one designed for one year-olds, the second created for two year-olds and the third offered for three to four year-olds. Coated with soft astroturf and equipped with safe play structures, your toddler will be able to run, jump and climb to their heart’s content while developing their physical skills in a safe environment.

Healthy, Nutritious Meals Fuel Your Toddler's Day

As a nut and peanut-free environment, we place importance on providing students with the highest-quality meals and snacks possible to give them the energy they require to succeed. The breakfast, lunch and after-school bites included in your child’s tuition are made with love and are free of preservatives, refined sugar and toxic dyes.

Livestream Video Monitoring For Regular Updates

We believe in keeping parents up to date on every stage of their toddler’s growth and development. Our convenient livestream video option allows you to check in on your little one whenever you’d like throughout the day to stay up to date on your toddler’s progress, make suggestions or simply watch them flourish with their friends. You’ll be able to rest assured knowing they’re happy, safe and enjoying themselves.

An Open-Door Staff Policy
to Provide Guidance
and Parental Support

In order to encourage a regular dialogue at all times between parents and staff, we welcome unscheduled visits with our team at any point throughout the day. This open-door policy allows parents to drop in to ask for advice, provide feedback or simply ask about their child’s development from our team of qualified instructors and therapists. Stop by in the morning and you’ll be able to enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast and coffee bar in our front lobby!

parent reviews

"my son surprises me each day with new words"
Growing Room Fort Myers - I want to take a moment to express how thankful I am to have a school/daycare that not only teaches my son to be the best little boy he can be, but a school with teachers who show so much love and kindness throughout the day. Being that my son was born a premie, he struggles with language and speaking in phrases. Because of the dedication at Growing Room, my son surprises me each day with new words and things he's learned- at only age two and a half! Thank you for taking the time to send me pictures throughout the day, and thank you for taking the time to plan and prepare daily activities to engage my son in things I cannot do at home! We can't wait for our little girl to join the Growing Room family in December!
Lauren J.
"Great place for the kids to be"
The teachers are warm, inviting and treat my son like family! The administrative staff are friendly and caring. Great place for the kids to be. Nice people, great atmosphere, and very clean. I highly recommend it!
Chabely M.
"a clean, safe, fun filled and amazing learning experience"
I just wanted to say thank you the Growing Room of Bonita Springs and to all of your staff! My son has come so far being a late bloomer at your school and he loves his days with his teachers along with all of the fun and educational activities ☺ I love watching him when I get a moment to peak in on the cameras and he always seems to be doing great! So thank you again for your hard work at having a clean, safe, fun filled and amazing learning experience for my son!
Joelle H.