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Growing Athletes Sport & Movement Program


Raising Physically Literate Children

Growing Room Coach: Joselyn

We use the medium of sports to improve gross motor development, increase concentration skills, and build muscle tone. We introduce the fundamentals of all sports. We will teach the children to be competent in hand-eye/foot-eye coordination and improve balance. Sport is also used to teach basic, yet essential life skills. At Growing Athletes, your children will learn persistence, courage, independence, cooperation, respect, positive relationships, self-worth, communication, responsibility, and countless other attributes.

Our program is progressive & each stage/age is different with more emphasis on sports as they grow with us.

The children will learn the basics of Football, Soccer, Tennis, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, La Crosse, Track & Field, Obstacle Courses, Baseball, Golf, Yoga and More.

At Growing Athletes, children learn how to run, jump hop, skip, slide, turn, field, stretch, trap, leap, balance, dodge, shoot, serve dribble, block, throw, bounce, kick, save, hit & catch.

Classes will meet one time per week for 30 minutes.

A one-time registration fee of $25.00 per school year is due at signup. Lessons are $13.00 per week. Payments are made through your Tuition Express account and will be charged weekly. If you choose to disenroll your child from the sports program, we require a two week notice.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions at the front desk of your child’s school.
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