Giving children choices is a great technique you as a parent can use when raising your children. When you give your child a choice, you are giving him/her the opportunity to learn how to make decisions as well as giving them a sense that they have some control over their life. You are giving them a voice. There are many benefits to giving children choices including helping to foster independence, promoting decision-making skills, empowering them, fostering language development and more. If you always make choices for your child when they are young, they will have a difficult time making decisions for themselves as they grow older.

Helpful Tips for Parents:

  • Give limited choices
  • For young children or any child who is easily overwhelmed, an either/or choice works best
  • As children get older, choices can get more involved than the choices they were given at a younger age
  • Choices can be used to help children manage themselves
  • Choices can teach children consequences