Quick and Easy Snacks for Your Toddler That Will Start This Year Out Right

2017 is here, and that means one thing — New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions that people make is to eat healthier. If this is something you decided to commit to, make sure to include your child as well! Birth to age three is the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human lifespan. Therefore, it is important that young children are nourished with healthy food right from the beginning. Here are some quick and easy snacks your toddlers will love!


Dips are always a fun way to get your child interested in food. They don’t have to be complex either — simply experiment with what you think your child will like and go from there. Some good ideas include fresh fruit and yogurt, pita bread and hummus, and pretzels and mustard.

Peanut butter and banana ice cream

Does your child have a sweet tooth, but you aren’t a fan of giving them a lot of sugary and processed foods? Try some homemade peanut butter and banana ice cream instead! All you need to do is melt about a cup of peanut butter, mash some bananas, puree them in a food processor and freeze. Your little one is sure to love the frozen snack and you won’t have to worry about the extra sugar.


Is your child feeling a little hungry, but it’s almost dinner time? Prepare a quesadilla by melting some cheese between two small corn tortillas, and they will get a quick shot of protein to last them until dinner.


Every parent would love to get their child into the habit of eating vegetables. We know it can be quite difficult! Try cutting each vegetable into appealing shapes and plating them all mixed together – no toddler will be able to resist.

No-bake breakfast bars

It can be all too easy to give your toddler an easy bowl of cereal every morning. Simply whip up some no-bake breakfast bars instead and you might find yourself munching right along with them. Simply add a cup of peanut butter for protein, equal amounts granola and steel cut oats, a dash of honey, some chocolate chips, dried fruit or nuts to your discretion.

Are you a working parent that is worried about your child’s diet during the day? Enrolling your child in a child care center that specializes in toddler education and development through a healthy diet is ideal. Contact our professionals today to visit our center.

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