INFANTS: 6 weeks - 12 months | Serving Bonita Springs & FT Myers, FL

Trust Your Baby With Us Once, And We Promise
You’ll Never Have To Worry Again

INFANTS: 6 weeks to 12 months | Serving Bonita Springs & FT Myers, FL

Trust Your Baby With Us Once, And We Promise You’ll Never Have To Worry Again

The Safety and Familiarity
of a Primary Caregiver

Our loving, qualified staff will shower your infant with plenty of cuddles, attention, guidance and affection to help them bridge the gap of being away from the comforts of home and their parents throughout the day. Each baby is assigned a primary caregiver in order to ensure proper nurturing and bonding throughout each moment they spend at the Growing Room.

An Environment That Inspires Curiosity and Wonder

Our colorful, imaginative facilities are designed to resemble a small town filled with interesting shops and streets. Built to appeal to children, your infant will feel comforted by the plethora of cuddly characters they’ll encounter, textures to explore, patterns to see and fun, interactive play areas they will experience.

Rest Easy Knowing
You Can Always Check In

We recognize how challenging it can be for parents to be separated from their young infants at such an early stage in their lives. To make it easier on you, we offer a livestream video service which allows you to check in on your child whenever you’d like to throughout the day. We also have an open-door policy, so you are always welcome to drop in and visit your baby at your convenience.

Ongoing Parental Support
and Personal Care Plans

Our team of caregivers works directly with parents to build tailored personal care plans based on your preferences and feedback. We have daily conversations with you to update you on your baby’s progress and make use of the Procare© communication app to share any relevant information you may need to know. Above all, we bring a sense of home into our infant care facilities with family pictures, tapes of parents’ voices and regular visits.

Activities To Help Infants
Explore and Discover

With a strong emphasis on music and art, we introduce your little ones to enriching activities and outlets for expression that will allow them to explore and discover to their heart’s content. A sampling of these activities include practicing sign language, a dramatic play center, a designated arts area, building blocks, music and movement, puppets and flannel board stories – amongst others!

Developing Language Skills
and the Five Senses

Our curriculum places a special focus on language development in infants by listening and talking as well as using books, pictures, conversations, sounds and signs. We aim to sharpen your child’s five senses via the introduction of numbers, songs, shapes, sizes, tasting foods, colors, mirror play and more. Each week, a new theme will be implemented to guide activities and help fuel your baby’s ongoing growth.

Building Your Little One’s
Muscle Groups Through
Indoor and Outdoor Play

Through plenty of interaction with nature as well as outdoor play on a soft, astroturf-coated playground, we help your infant develop their large muscle groups by showing them how to roll over, sit, crawl, stand and walk. We also practice grasping, picking up, dropping and changing hands with indoor activities in order to refine their small muscle groups.

An Introduction to
Nutritious, Healthy Foods

Nutrition goes a long way in helping babies grow into healthy, happy toddlers. From the very start of their young lives, we provide them with an introduction to balanced, whole foods and ingredients in order to ensure that they are supplied with the nourishment they require for their development and progress. Our meals are entirely nut-free and free of harmful preservatives and toxins.

parent reviews

"I 100% recommend this school!"
I LOVE the Growing Room!!! They are fabulous and my son loves to go there everyday. He has learned so much. The staff are so amazing, friendly and really care about every child that attends! My son’s teachers love him like their own and it really shows! I also love the cameras so I can see my baby during the day! I 100% recommend this school! My son will be there from where he started at Infant 1 until Kindergarten!
Megan S.
"By far the Growing Room is the best! "
I checked out at least six other day cares before my daughter was born. By far the Growing Room is the best! Since the first day I walked into the door, before even enrolling her, I could tell how caring everyone is there. This is my first child and I was concerned on when I had to bring her to day care. Everyone from the employees, to the parents dropping off their child(ren), have been nothing but super nice, caring, and supportive!
Rebekah S.
"Highly recommended."
I love everything about the Growing Room, two of my kids came up through there. 💜Highly recommended.
Renee S.