Importance of Blending Fun and Learning at Home

Today, less than one-third of children have a full-time, stay-at-home parent. In 1975, more than half of all children had a stay-at-home parent looking after them. More people are working full-time now, which is good, but it’s now more important than ever to...

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The Advantages of Pre-K Programs

When it comes to early childhood education, there are various options for parents to choose from. Some families opt for child care at daycare facilities before kids enter kindergarten; others decide that preschool and voluntary pre-k programs will prepare their...

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4 Ways Daycare Can Improve Kids’ Health

For working parents, reliable childcare is a must. Although it can be hard for any working mom to enroll her child in daycare, it’s often a necessity for the 70.5% of mothers currently in the labor force. And while daycare centers occasionally get a bad rap, the...

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Daycare Myths: Debunked

Parents always want to do what is best for their children. For many parents who need to work, daycare is often the best possible option. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths that surround child care centers and the children who attend them. Some people assume that...

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3 Tips to Improve Your Toddler’s Learning Abilities

Toddlers in pre kindergarten love to learn. Their worlds are expanding at a phenomenal rate, and with the possible exceptions of what broccoli tastes like or what happens when you wake up Mommy at 2 a.m. asking for a story, they are ready to cram as much information...

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