FAQs About Preschool Education

A lot has changed in the world of education since you were a child, and Growing Room in Ft. Myers wants to help you stay on top of the many benefits that preschool education offers your child. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about preschool education, which will provide you with the information you need to choose the right child development center for your family. Contact Growing Room today to schedule a tour of our Ft. Myers location and to meet some of our teachers.

1. What type of curriculum do you use in the preschool classroom?

Growing Room uses a language-based curriculum that includes weekly themes based on letters, colors, concepts, skills, and much more. We plan field trips, practice family-style dining, and create lesson plans to teach socialization and character-building skills. For further details, be sure to call our office and get the answers you need.

2. What is your adult/infant ratio?

Each infant has their own primary caregiver to ensure that your child receives the attention they need to be nurtured, and to bond with their caregiver each day. Growing Room wants to make sure that you can rest easy, knowing the adult who cares for your child while you’re at work.

3. How do you promote safety and wellness?

Our Health & Safety Program was designed and developed by Growing Room founder, Sheree Mitchell, a registered nurse. We offer playground areas that are age-appropriate and feature state-of-the-art rubber safety surfaces. For a complete list of all of our safety and wellness protocols, please call the office.

4. How can parents get involved with your program?

At Growing Room, we believe that parental involvement is critical to our integrated approach to child development. We want to make sure that we enforce the same values and responsibilities that you teach at home, while also making sure that you are able to reinforce the lessons your child learns at school with us. We offer a parent room for your comfort and convenience. Should you wish, you can watch your children on a 16-inch monitor while enjoying a continental breakfast every morning. You can also subscribe to our online camera program to observe your child’s activities throughout the day. This program is compatible with your PC, smartphone, or other mobile device. If you’re interested in subscribing, then please let us know and we will make sure that you are set up on all of the platforms you use.

5. How is food provided and prepared?

Growing Room has a commercial kitchen where a hot breakfast, lunch, and two afternoon snacks are prepared and served each day. If your child has any known food allergies, then please be sure to let us know so that we can make the appropriate adjustments for their health and safety.

6. What are your classrooms like?

Not only does Growing Room offer learning areas within each classroom, but we also provide a colorful environment in each classroom and throughout the center that offers multiple, age-appropriate activities and opportunities for children to play and learn. We are pleased to also offer a separate indoor dance and extracurricular room.

At Growing Room in Ft. Myers, we know that you want to choose the best child development center for the education, health, and wellbeing of your child. We start each day with the goal of providing an enriching environment with developmentally appropriate activities for all of our children — infant through school-age. If you are ready to see our Ft. Myers campus for yourself, then be sure to contact us today and schedule a tour. We love children, and we look forward to partnering with you. Call Growing Room today!

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