Daycare Myths Debunked

Parents always want to do what is best for their children. For many parents who need to work, daycare is often the best possible option. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths that surround child care centers and the children who attend them. Some people assume that kids who go to daycare are always sick, while others don’t see the distinction between babysitting and daycare. To help clear up some of the confusion, we address three possible daycare myths:

Myth: Babysitting and daycare centers result in bored kids with behavioral issues.

At daycare, your child will be totally engaged throughout the day with a wide variety of activities, crafts, and social opportunities. It may surprise you to know that they’ll often be more stimulated than they are at home! Although behavioral problems can be hard to predict, it’s likely that happy and occupied children won’t even have the opportunity to act out, much less be bored.

Myth: Daycare won’t help with educational or intellectual progress.

The first few years of life are very important to a child’s development. That’s because 700 new neural connections are being formed every second. It has been proven that kids learn very valuable lessons in daycare facilities. Children learn how to share, communicate, and play well with others and become more comfortable in a learning environment with both adults and other children. Ideally, you don’t want to wait until kindergarten to tackle socialization.

Myth: Daycare can lead to reduced parental attachment.

Most parents want to care for their children themselves, but it’s not always a possibility. Rest assured, your child is not going to lose his or her bond with you just because you’ve integrated daycare into the routine. It’s up to the parents to make sure they spend time with their children in the evenings and on weekends. Plus, it’s critical for kids to learn how to socialize and be comfortable with people outside their own family. Going to daycare won’t take something away from your relationship with your child; it will just enrich his or her life and help your family to better manage your obligations.

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