Daycare - Ft Myers & Bonita Springs


A Child-Centered Environment

The environment in our preschool is child-centered, which means that caregivers initiate ideas and then allow children to create their own learning experiences based on what they already know and want to learn. We provide children with the most enjoyable and productive preschool education through:

  • Introduction of a letter, number, word, color, theme, concept and skill each week.
  • Teaching beginning reading skills through the recognition of upper and lowercase letters, exposure to phonics, practice identifying sight words, and playing with word walls.
  • Emergent writing skills are encouraged through scribbling and drawing.
  • Continued development of fine motor skills with activities which involve safety scissors.
  • A wide variety of books are provided to encourage children to explore books and discover different topics. In addition, circle time allows the children to follow along in a book as their teacher reads to them.
  • Science is experienced through exploration with magnifying glasses, scales, magnets, color viewers, and thermometers.
  • Math manipulatives are provided to foster their discovery of the meanings of size, shape, and color. Math activities assist children with developing an understanding of concepts such as rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, comparisons, classifications, sequencing, volume, and time.
  • Creative expression is fostered through our dramatic play center, art center, block center, music and movement activities, puppets, and flannel board stories.
  • Continued development of gross motor skills is fostered through climbing, hopping, and skipping during recess. We also provide riding toys with and without pedals, push-pull toys, slides, and swings.
  • Social and personal skills are learned as children play cooperatively with others by taking turns, listening, and expressing ideas.

Character Education

Character education is very important at Growing Room. One of the greatest gifts that we can provide to our children is a strong sense of their personal values. We want the children at Growing Room to become successful adults who are able to make a positive contribution to society. Character education teaches concepts such as integrity, respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, and citizenship.


Each week, as a new theme is taught, several items completed by each child will be labeled, dated, and stored in their portfolio. Maintaining individual portfolios allows the teacher to monitor the progress of each child and provide specific details during parent/teacher conferences. At the end of the school year, parents are welcome to take the portfolio home. Contact us today to learn more about our daycare services in Ft Myers and Bonita Springs.

Our Curriculum