4 Ways Daycare Can Improve Kids’ Health

For working parents, reliable childcare is a must. Although it can be hard for any working mom to enroll her child in daycare, it’s often a necessity for the 70.5% of mothers currently in the labor force. And while daycare centers occasionally get a bad rap, the reality is that a high-quality child care center can provide a much-needed solution for families, as well as several health benefits. Don’t believe us? Here are four ways going to daycare can improve your child’s health:

1. Child care centers provide brain stimulation and growth

Because of the wide variety of activities that occur in daycare, children are highly intellectually stimulated during a pivotal time in their lives. Studies have actually found that children who attend daycare from an early age have higher intellectual capabilities, especially when it comes to observation and parallel play. Experts advise that getting this type of stimulation prior to entering school for the first time can be an immense benefit for your child’s brain and overall growth.

2. Better immunity

It’s a myth that children enrolled in pre k programs are sick all the time. However, when they’re surrounded by other kids, they will come into more contact with germs. But before you decide daycare centers aren’t for your child, you need to know that this can actually be a good thing! One study showed that although children who were in daycare early on generally had more respiratory and ear infections, they became sick much less often in elementary school compared to those kids who stayed in their homes for care. Remember that some exposure to non-serious illnesses can help your child stay healthy later on.

3. Fewer emotional issues

According to a recent study, kids in daycare are less likely to be affected by their parents’ emotional problems. The study showed that kids with depressed moms were less likely to have their own emotional issues like separation anxiety and social withdrawal when they were enrolled in daycare, compared to those who stayed with their moms or an individual caregiver. Being surrounded by other kids and adults will allow children the space to work out their emotional problems in a different environment — and they may be less likely to develop them in the first place.

4. Better behavior and social skills

In daycare centers, kids have to learn how to solve problems, be a part of a team, and learn how to share. The socialization skills they’ll learn here will help them throughout the rest of their lives and can have a huge impact on how they’ll do in school. Rather than resorting to physical altercations, kids will learn how to solve conflicts using their words.

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